Bible Doctrines

This course is designed to give the student a general knowledge and understanding of the Major Doctrines taught in the Bible.

Minor Prophets

This course will examine the context and content of the twelve Old Testament books referred to as the Minor Prophets. An in-depth study of the times and message of each prophet will reveal that what they have to say is anything but “minor.” Lectures are designed to help the students gain a fuller understanding of the significance of how God with Israel and the Gentile nations.

Greek Language

This course will teach the student conversational (and written) Modern Greek. Traditional ‘Bible College Greek’ is a very difficult up-hill battle for the average student who will basically only use what he learns to do simple word-studies of New Testament Greek words. This course is a departure from the traditional method, in which the student will learn fluency in the Modern Greek language and then turn his attention to the Greek New Testament.

Baptist History/ Distinctives

This course is designed to survey the history of the people called Baptists and their churches throughout the past two millenniums. The emphasis is on the Baptist distinctives that one could see throughout the timeline of history.

Book of Acts

An exegetical study of the book of Acts showing how the Gospel message was received and proclaimed throughout the world. The course will focus on the progression of the historical events, the meta-narrative significance, and their underlying theological principles.

Song Leading

The course is designed to give the student an overview of the importance and the role of a song leader in congregational singing. This will also give the student practical skills on leading the congregation to praise God without obstruction and distraction.

The Gospels

This course is an in-depth look at the harmonizing of the Gospels. The Lord's life and teachings will be examined with special emphasis on the crucifixion week, as well as studying the major chronological periods in the life of our Lord.

Homiletics I

This course is designed to help the individual student be an effective speaker/ preacher for the Lord. During this course, the student will learn some general tips and guidelines when speaking in public, while emphasizing the structure of writing a sermon or teaching a lesson from the Bible. Homiletics I is a great start for any person looking to enhance their preaching or teaching skills in a local church.

Practical Training

This course is designed to give the students a practical skills that are useful in the ministry. This involves ministry projects, planning, and decision makings.