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What Will It Really Be Like? – September 14, 2018

What will it really be like? The northern California town of Keswick was established in 1896 and has always been a pretty little place to live.  Here is a recent picture (photo top), courtesy of Google Maps. However, on July 23, a huge forest fire broke out (called the Carr Fire) which has, so far,

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Seeking God’s Approval – June 22

Used with permission Approval is a word that people seek for, especially when they are involved in something. We sometimes base our success by the approval of men. We feel uneasy if we find that people don’t approve of our actions. That’s why we try to fix that thinking so that they may agree with

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The Lion and the Lamb – June 22 2018

THE LION AND THE LAMB A model-maker in Japan has created a line of the most amazingly-realistic, wearable animal heads, using synthetic materials. (Photo) The artist’s name is Kamonohashizokei and he sells his head masks for about $3,000 CDN each. For this old world, this is about how close they will ever come to the

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